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About Paul Jamiol

Paul Jamiol, an avid motorcyclist, has been cartooning and illustrating for over 40 years and has been recognized for his work locally, nationally and internationally. His cartoons and illustrations have been featured in newspapers, in magazines and on the worldwide web.

He produced his Classic Motorcycle Calendar© for over 12 years and he was commissioned to create a 30-ft mural, Women in Motorcycling, for the opening of the AMA Heritage Museum.

Paul has written and illustrated his Bikers are Animals series of children’s book for children who love animals and have an interest in motorcycles. His first two books introduced 25 characters; his 3rd takes them on an adventure. His fourth and latest introduces 16 new younger animals into the mix.

His intention is to spark something in young readers that will get them excited about motorcycles. He also hopes to shake, early on, the adult refrain that “bikers are animals.”

Paul’s love of motorcycling started at age eight when he found himself behind two biker couples outside the roller coaster at Nantasket Beach in Hull, MA. His impression of these couples in their motorcycle jackets, jeans and hats was one of complete awe. After the coaster ride, he watched them climb aboard their motorcycles and roar off into the distance. From that moment on, Paul knew he would someday ride and be a part of that world.

Over half a century later, he is still in awe of anything on two wheels and the people that move in the motorcycle world. His association with all kinds of bikers over that period has enriched his outlook on life, and his love of the ride is as strong as ever.

When it comes to drawing, Paul has been with a pen or pencil in his hand all of his adult life. His love of art and cartooning, combined with motorcycling, have given him a chance to speak out and give something, however small, back to those he cares about. He credits Linda, his best friend and the love of his life, for giving him the peace of mind and heart to focus on his art.

Always wanting to grow and expand, Paul entered the world of editorial cartooning. He started drawing for one local newspaper and ended up drawing for several newspapers each week. He has won many awards for his unique vision of the world around us, including multiple awards from state, regional and national press associations. Internationally, his award-winning cartoons have been exhibited and published in the Netherlands, Japan, Belgium, Brazil and France.

Paul’s first impression of motorcycling was that it was really “cool.” With his BIKERS are ANIMALS series, he wants to share that feeling with youngsters everywhere.